Name Description
Key Projects - summary Woodlands of Ireland addresses key tasks through the development and implementation of projects. Some of these are minor projects that are completed within one or two years. Other projects are large and may span many years. A description of ongoing and completed projects is provided. Read more
Natural Capital Values of Native Woodlands Woodlands of Ireland procured a report on the Natural Capital Values of Native Woodlands (see ‘Publications’). This report was undertaken by Optimize Ltd and will be used to highlight generally unseen values and lobby for further funds for the native woodland sector. Read more
National Hedgerow Database Woodlands of Ireland co-ordinated the development of a National Hedgerow Database in conjunction with the Hedgelaying Association of Ireland. As part of this process a publication on Hedgerow Surveying and Data Appraisal was completed early in 2013 (see ‘Publications’). Read more
The Native Woodland Scheme (NWS) The NWS addresses the restoration of existing native woodlands and the creation of new native woodlands. Woodlands of Ireland provide technical support to the Forest Service for the scheme Read more

Completed Projects

Name Description
Landscaping with native species This project consists of a website ( and was initiated in 2011 in partnership with Ecological Landscape Design Consultants and finalised early in 2013. Read more
FSC Ireland Woodlands of Ireland is a member of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Ireland (see ‘Links’), the company established to develop an agreed FSC-approved forest standard for Ireland. Read more
The Peoples Millennium Forests project Submissions were invited from the public in 1998, which resulted in over 30 proposals from numerous sources, including individuals, State-bodies, research institutions, ENGOs and private enterprises. Amongst others, proposals included the restoration of existing native woodlands, the creation of new native woodlands and the establishment of native tree nurseries. Subsequent to the refinement of these proposals, submissions were made to the National Millennium Committee and to AIB Bank in 1999. Approval was sanctioned and funding provided, which amounted to €5.1 million, which is the largest native woodland project ever, to date. Read more