Native Woodland Scheme Training

Native Woodland Training (NWS) courses are usually held once there is sufficient demand from would-be participants. Please note that Covid 19 Pandemic will have a significant influence on how and when courses may be organised.

The course is a 2-day event and covers the theory and practise of native woodland management. It includes a field excursion to a native woodland to carry out a NWS Management plan by the course participants. This allows for the accreditation of approved foresters working on the Native Woodland Scheme and is also open to ecologists, woodland contractors, landowners, relevant State agencies (i.e. NPWS, EPA, etc) and Local Authority staff (see our Native Woodland Training page for more information, and for videos of course modules and presentations).

For those who may be interested in attending future courses please contact:

Kevin Collins, Forest Service (01-6072502)
- or -
Joe Gowran (087-7428084).