Members Registration Form

Membership of Woodlands of Ireland means that you support the following:

  • to generate awareness of native woodlands amongst the general public and policy makers
  • to develop projects and management strategies aimed at ensuring the future viability of native woodlands
  • the restoration and rejuvenation of Ireland’s existing native woodlands, in partnership with other native woodland stakeholders
  • the expansion of native woodlands by promoting the establishment of new woodlands composed of native species
  • underpinning all the above through technical support, training, policy development and publications

Your membership also contributes toward the overhead costs of administration, i.e. running the office, insurance, publications, etc.

In addition, all Woodlands of Ireland publications are free of charge to members.

Please fill in the form below and include your e-mail address (optional – occasional notices are sent electronically by Woodlands of Ireland).

Membership Fee: €5

*Cheques or postal orders should be made payable to ‘Woodlands of Ireland'. Completed form(s) with cheque or postal order can be sent to our Address. Online membership subscriptions can also be made on this page as well as donations (optional). Thank you.